in an ever changing visual world, I want to inspire you to reconnect with your craft and be inspired by you to reconnect with mine.

you're interested in the process, not just the end result


The times when I feel most creative or when my best ideas develop, are when I am in an environment that prioritizes creativity (yeah...duh!). You might be feeling stuck in a creative rut and may need a creative partner/sounding board. Or maybe you just need some help ironing out your ideas for an upcoming project. My creative direction services are available for mini consultations or all day, on set needs. 

 These services are a part of my photography packages, and are also offered separately.

creative direction for those with wild sides.

creative direction consult


With every project, I challenge myself to capture something we may have seen photographed before, in a new and fresh way. Ultimately this is how I aim to make your brand imagery stand out. However, this isn't a one sided transaction! I ask my clients to come through this process with me. I take my clients through an immersive creative process that challenges both of us to dive deeper, beyond just a pretty picture. Whether you're needing portraits or a full brand story, this isn't just "show up and get your picture taken." This is an all encompassing, intentional experience where we get to create your brand art together. 

Every project is unique and everybody's needs are different. Inquire below for a personalized quote. 


brand photography


I approach product photography with the same strategy as the rest of my photography. Let's make non-traditional, non-boring, art. Let's put a twist on the inanimate. There's a time and place for clipped, stock photos, but I'm not your gal for that. Let's bring your product to life.

Editorial. Funky. Yes.

your not-s0-average product imagery.

product photography

the clarin j way







creative consultation and moodboard creation. You have ideas, and so do I. Let’s get together and see what magic unfolds when our ideas do a little dance together.

we’ll let our ideas breathe and make room for them to grow and evolve. Creativity doesn’t always happen immediately, We’ll Give Ourselves time and allow space for genuine inspiration.

we’ve come up with a concept and a direction, now let’s bring it to life. Part of our plan consists of allowing room for the inevitable creative synergy that happens during a shoot.

behind the studio scenes

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